Why Taylor should be the World’s best teen

by Olivia

Though  Taylor  may  be  quiet,  she  doesn’t  stand  back . When she has something to say  she  says  it,  and  if  you  need  someone  to  talk  to  she’s  there.  No wonder she’s been elected for the World’s best teen.

She’s everything you need in a friend and a Global Citizen.  One of her most recent goals is “to travel the World to help people in need.”  And to think she’s only 12 years old! Born in Mississauga and raised in Oakville Taylor wants to grow up to continue on with her passion of writing and turn it into a career.

Her hobbies are camping, she loves to be outdoors, swimming, and reading. She says “My favourite genre is mystery, I love the fact that you never know what is going to happen next.”

An organization she feels strongly about is the Humane Society. Taylor loves animals and has two pets of her own, a Labrador retriever , and a betha fish. In the future Taylor says “I want another Labrador retriever because they are so loving, loyal and Kind.

Taylor has always wanted to go to Paris “It such a beautiful city” she says “and there’s so much to see and do” Maybe if she ever gets to go she can start by making a difference in the little things over there, and even if it’s not a good trip Taylor always tries to make the best of every trip by always thinking of the positives, not the negatives. Although she tries to find the best in people Taylor can’t stand it when people are loud and don’t listen.

Now that you know more about her, don’t you think she would make the best teen ever? She has all these great qualities. So why not vote for her.

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