Why Should I Choose Him? The Age Old Question Everyone Asks at an Election…

by Shelby Richardson, Grade 7, M.J. Hobbs

So we have the ongoing election for the “Best Teen in the World”, the standings are tight, but there can only be one winner. Who will you vote as the “Best Teen in the World”? The choice is in YOUR hands, but hopefully, you will read this and know who your votes going to. Here’s some information to start you off:

Dirk’s in Grade 8, he lives in Oakville, Ontario, he loves photography, writing and watching movies. He used to read a lot, but not so much anymore. He has a fear of murky waters and sharks because he watched Jaws when he was little. Read on to learn more!

Dirk’s the guy to vote for, and here’s why! He’s super musical; he plays 4 instruments, piano, guitar, drums, and clarinet. He may have a fear of murky waters and sharks but that would be silly if you let that rule your vote! This election is really on who you think has the best character traits and skills. Who’s really worthy of this award?

Dirk has many skills, that’s why you should choose him! He loves photography and he’s so skilled at it that he got a tremendously awesome Photography Award! And he’s gifted, not with presents, so he’s taking a course at Queens University! WOW! He loves writing so much that the course he’s taking is Journalism! AWESOME!

He doesn’t have a particular role model because he loves to be his own person, that’s something that not everyone would think. Maybe you can look up to him. He can be YOUR role model.

Vote Dirk!

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