The Phone That May Change Technology Forever

By Zoe V. Giontsis, Bliss Carman SPS

Technology had been advancing so fast in such little time. First the home phone, then the cordless phone, then the cell phone which then quickly upgraded to the Smartphone. These are all technologies that were popular in the past. Now, comes a new kind of Technology that can change technology forever, The Paper Phone.

Dr. Audrey Girouard (Professor of Computing at Queens University) has been developing a new piece of technology that she thinks will have a big impact in the future generation. “This piece of technology works by bending the sides of the phone in different places and ways” Girouard says. This project has been ongoing for 8 years and has cost over $7000 in construction and research. “This piece of technology is very flexible which makes it hard to find and create materials that are small and flexible, we also need to use basic parts of what a regular phone consists of but we need these materials to have a bendable and light weight attributes to them.”

This piece of Technology is still in the mass production of being advanced with the leates software and also with other features that have been seen in other technology tools and products. Girouard thinks that this product has a wait time of 5-10 years before spotted in the latest stores. This piece of technology may be next greatest thing that happened since the Smartphone. We will just have to wait and find out.

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