The Most Important Part of a Character is their Voice

by Anna Hughes, Grade 7, Chine Drive Public School 

“The most important part of a character is their voice,” Barbra Bell told us near the end of our interview. Bell’s life has been a huge page turner. Bell is a free lance editor, an actor, writer and a TV journalist. She first stared in TV when she hosted an on screen book club, The Page Turners. It was produced by TV Cogco in Kingston and was an hour long.  Each episode two books and two people would be chosen. The visitors would have to read each book and come to the studio to have a discussion on the books.  Bells job was to choose both the two books read and the two visitors for the discussions. She would also make a list of questions to start the conversations. After her second season Bell decided she couldn’t put enough time into her show and made the decision to move on. This was not the first or last time Bell would perform in front of an audience. Bell is currently part of an upcoming play. She has also toured in a one man play. She says her upcoming project is being a script supervisor in her daughters play. Bell says she has a manuscript “in the drawer.”  She says she has been working on both a mystery and fantasy manuscript.

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