The Best Teen Ever

by Erica Rzepecki, WH Morden

International; Gifted; Athletic. And just thirteen years old.  Kcott Paul Schiffner (pronounced Scott Pa-ool Shkeef-nair) is undeniably a teen on the road to success.

The choice for the young person worthy of the title “Best Teen Ever” is obvious.  Rebecca Black, Schiffner’s unofficial opposition, has composed a song aimed at teens that teaches them the days of the week. An outstanding accomplishment, but it pales in comparison to those of Schiffner.  Recently, Schiffner’s hockey team won a championship – something he is extremely proud of.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Schiffner is among the top students of his age academically as well.  Currently attending WH Morden Public School’s Gifted program in hometown Oakville Ontario, Schiffner is learning amongst many other highly-able students.  On the subject, Kcott says, “I don’t feel like I’m gifted because I haven’t received any gift. I’ve worked for everything I have.”

Schiffner also has a unique personality.  His dream job would be to be associated with the NHL- as a player, general manager, or otherwise. He would like to live in Ottawa when he is older, because it “seems like it would be a good place for a family”. Schiffner currently plays the flute and trumpet in school.

So this Friday, elect Kcott Schiffner as “The Best Teen Ever”. Student, friend, teammate, brother; all adds up to one amazing teen.

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