The Annoying Person Early Warning System II XR5190 (advertisement)

by Dirk Grebenc, W.H. Morden

Do you know an annoying person? Co-workers? Relatives? Camp counsellors? Do their very presence make you want to tear your hair out? Yes? Do you also like advanced technology? Then the EAPWS II XR5190 may be right for you!

The EAPWS II XR5190 is a revolutionarily simple device that puts the power in YOUR hands and gives you an early warning whenever an annoying person is near.

Set up is simple. Simply strap the device onto the neck of the annoying individual. With luck, they might-not-maybe notice.

Now that the device is installed, anytime an annoying person comes near you our patented early detection alarm will sound and alert you of their presence. Allowing you to escape out a near-by window.

The EAPWS II XR5190 can be yours for a low-low price, which we shall not specify due to false advertising lawsuits.

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