Strangely Perfect

by Parnika Sharma, grade 8, William G. Davis Sr. Public School

With her head buried in a manga book as the class walked towards the journalism room, Jané first appeared quiet and shy. Once we sat down however, she was just the contrary. A creative and independent girl  with a bubbling personality, Jané ( with the funky “e”, as she puts it) enjoys writing and drawing. Whern asked how others might describe her, she responds with a quirky grin, “Strange! [laughs] Wait ten minutes and you’ll see!”

For the rest of the class she cracked jokes, smiled a lot and made us all feel welcome with her eccentric yet amiable ways. With a fear of insects and a deep fear of mirrors due to the number of horror movies involving them and a wish to go to Mexico to eat a taco, Jané did indeed prove to be strange but fun.

All joking aside, Jané aspires to be a graphic artist, an author, or have a career in the movie business. She enjoys being able to express herself and her emotions through drawing and writing. With a rich South African heritage, Jané enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures. She speaks English and South Afrikaan, which is a lesser form of Dutch, and has an intense pride for her unique heritage.

After ten minutes, it becomes obvious that Jané is definitely imaginative, creative and yes, strange. However, her outgoing personality are ideal for the Best Teen Award. Jané in all her “strangeness’ deserves the Best Teen Award  because, like every teen she is not perfect, but unlike many, that doesn’t stop her from striving for her best. All her quirks and habits create an amazing personality and an inspirsational teen, therefore the perfect candidate for the Best Teen Award .

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