Keegan McEwen – An Amazing Athlete and a Stellar Student…All this, and only 12 years old

by Spencer VanDerStarren, Grade 8, Queen Elizabeth Senior Public School- Program for the Arts

Prepare to familiarize yourself with the name Keegan McEwen. McEwen is easily the best teen in the world. He is very athletic, intelligent and is very charismatic. He is the product of an electrical engineer and a health care manager. Keegan flies much higher than the competition, leaving them in his dust.

McEwen is an expert soccer player. He plays for the Oakville A team, as a wing. He also swims during the summers, and during the winters he enjoys curling. McEwen started these sports at a very young age, and it shows both on the field and in stats.

Academics is yet another area where McEwen excels. McEwen is a gifted scholar, and has attended such prestigious events as the SEEDS program at Queen’s University.

Hardened traumatic experiences- like having a spider fall on his face at age six- McEwen has a very strong personality. He is tough, but also caring. He has a large group of friends, and says he “prefers it that way.”

One of McEwen’s nicknames is ‘Spitfire’ because the way he acts is similar to the way the Spitfire war plane was designed to fly- quick and confident.


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