Creative Writing Activity

by Spencer VanDerStarren

General observations (5 minutes)
-An aged man walks proudly toward the graduation hall, dressed almost entirely in blue
-An old Queen’s truck drives by, odd ticking noise comes and goes with it
-Queen’s flag billow atop clock tower, its bright hues of red, gold and blue strong against the faded sky
-A man naps on the step, safely away from the loud bunch of kids that is my class, smart man
-An old man cloaked in the colours of the university walks across the street without glancing at the oncoming traffic

Hearing only (5 minutes)
-Birds, that I was previously unaware of, suddenly fill my ears
-The hydraulics of a truck are released, sending out a ‘gasp-like’ sound
-Wind blowing my paper
-If I strain, I can hear the scratching of pen on paper from my fellow classmates
-The clicking of pens each time someone hears something new
-People discuss the prices of flowers from the stand across the street
-I try my best to block the sounds of the passing cars and trucks, but I find it to be impossible
-The opening of the large doors at the front of the hall

Detailed description of an object outdoors (5 minutes)
The butt of a cigarette lies between the cracks of the brickwork. Browned towards the end, it lies squished and still. White speckles litter its paper, perhaps where the elements have gotten to it. The ash leaks onto the ground, seemingly still oozing. A small wasp hovers around it, avoided it to its best ability.

Wind is frustrating.

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