A Phone Made of Paper!?

by Shelby Richardson, Grade 7, M.J. Hobbs  

Not quite made of paper, simply LIKE paper. It’s super light and thin like paper so even when you drop it, chances are, it won’t break.  It’s got the qualities of a sheet of paper, so when you drop it the phone will fall like a piece of paper. Although chances are it will be a little heavier because of the technology and the batteries and there might possibly be a case so that you can “customize it” to your own needs and wants.

Dr. Audrey Girouard is one of the 5 people working on the “Paper Phone”.  She says that this new technology was “very hard to get their hands on”. They are now working on getting a flexible battery for the phone and they hope to have this phone completed and out in stores in at least 5-10 years. This phone is taking longer to complete because it had bend sensors that can detect where you bend these flexible phones and each bend is associated with a different action. Girouard says that unlike most electronics the “Paper Phone” doesn’t have a negative effect on your eyes because of the fact that it doesn’t give off its own light; it reflects the light in the room.

This phone acts as a Music Player, Contact Book, Map, and a Book Reader. All that in a phone that feels like paper!

It will bend to your body when you put it in your pocket. It feels like plastic but it’s flexible! For all these great features it would cost about as much as a regular phone. These details could possibly even be upgraded to tablets like the iPads or Blackberry Playpads! They’re still trying to work out the kinks but it sounds as though things are going to go well with this phone.

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