5 Minute “Uncritical Writing” Exercise

By: Zoe V Giontsis, grade 8, Bliss Carman School

What I See – People Handing out Flyers

The blue clothing has an effect on the blue sky, it’s sunny, and they are wearing shades to block the sun’s vibrant raise.  Smiles, having a precious time that may not be forgettable.  Helping other people giving advice on where to go.

What I hear – Around Me

The buses, carrying students to the proper buildings to start a news day of learning. People talking, rejoicing their happiness knowing that a loved one is graduating and starting a new chapter in their lives. The exhaust pipes of cars are impossible to miss, while they leave burn gasoline they leave a horrendous stench that you just need to cough at. The soft yet violent wind, blocking the sun’s burning raise while leaving a cooling touch.

A Detail – The Blue Light

An unnatural colour to its surroundings, gilding people in case of agony, and suffering of something horrendous. It’s vibrant shade of blue does not let anyone let anyone miss it’s unique raise. It’s dirt and cob webs send a message of old, but with wisdom.

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