Jane Deacon By: Kate Lawson
One newly graduated twenty-two year old girl serving tables at a restaurant had a dream. A dream to be an editor or writer for a magazine. This girl’s name is Jane Deacon. Deacon graduated from the University of Kings College, where she majored in journalism and English. Deacon then had trouble deciding where to go next, so she moved back to Halifax (where she grew up) and spent her time writing as much as she could, and working as a waitress.
Time went on and finally Deacon got offered a job with Kingston Publications. She took the job, and moved to Kingston (where her job was located). Luckily for her, her boss left and she got a promotion to be an official editor for the magazine.
Deacon is now an up and coming editor with even bigger dreams of being in bigger, better, and better known magazines around the world. Deacon likes to spend her time reading, and hanging out with friends after work. She is into lots of different sports such as soccer, running, and triatholons. She has two sisters, and thinks of her mom as her inspiration because of her hard work, and belief in her. She likes green tea, and doesn’t like the dark. If she could go on a trip anywhere in the world she would chose to go to Thailand for the amazing culture and beautiful views. She thinks of herself as a bit of a “neat freak” and says that it is something that keeps her calm and grounded.
Many may not believe how successful this lady may be when they hear how young she is. She is someone who young journalists can look up to because of her talent, and her hard work. It shows that anything can happen, and that if you truly believe in yourself, and work hard, any dreams can come true.

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