One In A Million Is Terribly Overrated
Everyday you see brainiacs, scientists of the future and world-altering adolescents. Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, it’s time that the world put aside its unrealistic demands on teens? How about a bright, driven, “knows what she wants” teen like Anika Neil?
In a world of students with 99.9% averages, many bright adolescents seem to be left out of this “contest”. It may be hard to realize, but education can only go so far. A good personality and life outlook is essential. With Anika’s promising outlook and extreme positive energy, grade averages seem to crumble away into nothing but a small perk.
Being driven and knowing exactly what you want are some of the most admirable qualities one could have. How will teens get anywhere if they don’t know what they want, when they want it? How will a high scoring average help you out in the field of life? Anika dreams of moving to sunny and promising California as soon as possible, while other teens sit and play video games, planning to stay with their parents forever.
“Craig Keilburg really, really inspires me,” she says. As you may know, Craig started the organization “Free the Children” at a young age. Could we have the next Craig Kielburg in our midst? Clearly, with Anika’s drive and potential, we just might.
Anika is bright, driven and has an inspiring outlook that will change lives. From her positive attitude to her perseverance, Anika is the only choice for the next “Worlds Best Teen”.
By: Haley Buckley
West Oak Public School

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