Have you ever imagined buying, owning, and using a phone as thin as paper??? Have you ever wondered if that’s possible in the distant future? Well, it is! In the present! David Holman, in his 3rd year as a PhD candidate in the School of Computing, and several others have pulled out all the stops and invented the “Paper Phone”.

The Paper Phone was invented in 2004 and still has a group of about eight members hard at work on it. There is a lot of work to do on the Paper Phone including the software, the engineering, and the evaluation. The Paper Phone has a memory of “bend gestures” to navigate where to go in the phone. The ink particles are black and white and very similar to those of a kindle or kobo. Charges bring the black and white particles to the top to create the image. The particles use natural light to move around it when the screen is bent.

Why would someone want to own The Paper Phone? It is light, convenient, and very helpful. The Phone is bendable with an interaction like paper, and everyone knows how light and convenient paper is! They are all in black and white, but Holman is certain that they will find a way to produce it in colour in the near future. Is it positive for the environment? Holman says, “The screen consumes less power, so it’s a step towards a greener type of technology.”

The Paper Phone will eventually go on the market and will soon be in business.
By Hazel

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