Acrobatic Sunflower Makes a Big Bang Shannon M. 05/27/11
Who doesn’t want to be the Best teen in The World? Many people do. But only one single person qualifies. This person needs to be determined, positive, have dreams, believe, and then take action! Who is this wonderful person?
Olivia Graham is a thirteen year old girl from Boston. She is very unique and talented in her own way. She shows people that being yourself and not caring what others think is cool. Many people could certainly take a page from her book. I think what makes Olivia so accepting is that she is such a friendly person and she makes friends with so many people!
What makes Olivia so authentic is that she’s not totally perfect. She has her quirks, too. For example she has double-jointed fingers that bend at the top knuckle! Olivia is a great friend. She is carefree and has a big heart. I know this because even though she may not like something, she does it anyway and she is really fun to talk to.
This acrobatic flower is so talented, too! She has been dancing for eight years and was very succesful in acro, tap and lyrical dancing. She stuck with it and was committed even though many teenagers wouldn’t have stayed that many years.
This spider-fearing, chocolate-loving, dancing girl is so inspiring. She isn’t afraid to be herself and show her true colours. Olivia has tons of responsibility also because having four pets ( two dogs, and two cats) requires alot of patience and responsibility.
The world is waiting for you, sunflower! Go out and make people catch their breath. Show them your amazing true colours. Everyone believes in you. We all believe that you can win this!

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