She’s not a superhuman, she’s just Pooja

by Emma Pang, Grade 8, Bowmore Public School 

At first glance Pooja Maniar just seems like an average teenager. In grade seven, not everyone notices special talents that are hidden within you. To really appreciate talent, you have to dive deep and be outgoing. Pooja finds no problem in doing this or finding and appreciating the talents in others.

She states her opinions strongly while still balancing her view point and trying to understand the other side. Pooja participates in her school debate team and shows power and precision with what she’s saying. “I really love debating because I think it’s a great way to express your feelings and to show your passion about what you care about.”Pooja says about why she loves debating so much. The power Pooja shows in debating also translates into the rest of her life. When she presents an argument she uses facts to back up her opinion and is very assertive in her words. The qualities that Pooja shows are prime examples of the power and drive that will propel us into the future. She shows the potential to be the best teen in the world.

Pooja isn’t some superhuman that makes no mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes but it’s all about what you learn from them. Pooja thinks that the quote, “The biggest mistake is not learning from your mistakes.” describes the way she thinks about her mistakes. She’s just a 13 year old girl after all. She enjoys reading, drawing and participates in some sports. Her dream is to become a successful lawyer. Pooja also has a great sense of humour and has done some pretty strange things in her short life. She has eaten a banana in seven seconds and is proud of it!

To be the best teen in the world you don’t need to be perfect. Pooja stays true to herself no matter what happens. She goes through life with her head held high and helps people where ever she can. By being passionate about what she loves and working hard, Pooja shows that she can be the best teen in the world.


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