Crows attack Mac-Corry and Ellis Hall

By Emma Pang, Grade 8, Bowmore Public School 

On the path between Mac-Corry and Ellis Hall on the Queens University campus, something unusual has been happening. Usually the path is a quiet shortcut that the university students and staff and locals use. Recently there has been some construction on Ellis Hall that is disrupting surrounding areas. A flock of crows nest near the area in the tall pine trees. On My 10th, 2011 the Department of Health and Safety sent an e-mail warning the public about the crows attacking pedestrians along the path.

In response to the recent attacks Whitney Babcock, a personal and career counsellor that lives in Kingston said “They’re just trying to protect their babies.” That point has also been briefly explained by Dan Langham at Department of Health and Safety and he states that wildlife consultants have concluded that the nests cannot be moved or altered. They suggest to pedestrians to avoid the location or at least exercise some caution when walking along the path. There have been temporary signs put in place to warn pedestrians of the danger.

Most of the crow attacks have not been very serious but they certainly have caused a reaction in the community. A construction worker that was nearby saw a crow swoop down and hit a pedestrian’s ear. No serious damage was done to the pedestrian. The Department of Health and Safety says that the crow’s attacks should stop in about a month when the baby crows leave the nest. Until then more attacks may follow.
When asked what action she might take in respect to the crow’s attacks, Babcock responded that “we are living with natures so we always have to be aware of what’s happening around us.”

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