A “Deacon” of Light

 By: Shannon MacDonald 05/27/11 J.L.M Gr. 7

A Normal girl turns into amazing editor by believing

Jane Deacon, editor at Kingston Publications has subscriptions to 18-20 magazines of all different kinds. Of course she would, because being an editor, she needs to know everything that is going on and all the current news in Kingston.
Now, at just the young age of 24, Deacon is editor of eleven publications including wedding, tourist information and relocation magazines. The most popular of all is “Kingston Life” a magazine showcasing arts and culture, and food and drink. “Really I do a little bit of everything at my job,” she says.
In her younger days, Deacon was unsure about her future career plans. “One day I would want to be a doctor, the next week a scientist.” She explains. But, as she progressed through high school she knew journalism was the perfect thing for her. She explained this more, “Nothing really stuck like writing”.
For four years Jane attended college in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She took a journalism course and just soared. By then she knew it was what she wanted to do with her life. A year and a half after graduating, she got a call from Tracy Weaver, offering her an internship at Kingston Publications. She jumped at the chance.
There, Weaver helped her get her name out a bit. “The nice thing about being an editor is that you get to be involved in every step!” Deacon exclaims.
After a couple years of being an amazing editor, Jane started to think about something. Something more , something better. Something like…. a marathon! “I didn’t want to just jog I wanted to train for something and track sounded good.” Her other hobbies include sports, reading and window shopping with her friends.
“I’m a perfectionist” Deacon admits when asked about her job. She is very picky when she is writing things out. But, she admits that even in her own writing there will be some tiny mistakes.
Jane likes the idea of journalism because it really gives her freedom of expression. “I think what I really liked about the idea of journalism is that you can do everything”. Someday, Jane’s dream is to be part of a big, nationwide magazine. “I’d like to stay here for a little while longer,” Deacon confides.
There is a world of stories you can write about. All you have to do is believe in yourself, and your writing. Jane Deacon is an amazing editor, and journalist. But it didn’t just come to her. She had to work really hard. Her advice ?
“The best thing you can do is just write.”

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