Power Woman of Kingston

By: Ceileigh O’Connor, Grade 8. Centennial Middle School, Georgetown

Jane Deacon was a regular girl who grew up in Peterborough, Ontario. Like everyone else she wasn’t sure about what she wanted to be when she grew up. “One week doctor, then next week scientist,” she says. Then during her first year of high school, she knew Journalism was for her.
Jane is merely 24, fresh out of University and now works as the editor of Kingston Publications. Jane got her degree for Journalism after 4 years of University. Her work life in Kingston Publications all began with an Internship she took. Tracy Weaver, an advisor for her internship, and former editor for the company, called her up and offered her a job.
Jane is very passionate about writing. Yes, being an editor you don’t get to write as often, but it doesn’t matter to Jane. As long as she is part of the process, she’s happy. Being an editor you are part of the process from start to finish, and very involved in the process of publishing an issue.
When Jane started out as an editor, she thought work would take over her life. It did for a split second, but she realized that being with your friends is really important and keeps you grounded. Being a workaholic with no social aspects will get you nowhere. She is a great inspiration; she works her butt off so she can be the best she can be.
If Jane could give any advice to writers or someone who is thinking of pursuing a career in writing is to read. Reading, she says is great for giving you ideas about different styles. Also it can give you different perspectives on other types of writing and can inspire you in your own writing. If you are really passionate about writing, Jane wants you to never stop even if you get shut down. Write anything they allow and send it anywhere because you never know what will happen.
In the future, Jane wants to work for a national magazine. She wants to experience working with a team of editors and not just being the only one. She still wants to be in Kingston for a while longer but going national is her big dream. Jane has accomplished a lot while being editor of Kingston Publications. Again she is only 24 and she has climbed the ladder to become editor in a really short time. Jane is an editor of 11 magazines in the Kingston area. Last year around summer, one of her magazines, Kingston life, sold out on newsstands. They did an issue on local musicians. Every year they publish a wedding magazine and that’s always successful.
If you ever meet Jane Deacon, she is a great inspiration to woman and people in general because of how fast and how hard she works at such a young age. That is why she is a power woman and one to watch!

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