A Journalist in the Waiting

by Claire Groves, grade 7

Jane Deacon’s biggest dream has always been to become the editor of a national magazine, matched with team of her own. Although this dream is not far away, for now, she is the editor of Kingston Publications, home of 11 popular magazines. She has many jobs in this position, including looking for mistakes in grammar and spelling and organizing the outlines of the magazine.

Deacon, 24, always dreamed of becoming a journalist. When she was a kid, she had subscriptions to many magazines, and she soon found a passion for reading. When she started reading magazines, she realized that she wanted to be a journalist; preferably in magazines, but for her, anything was fine.
Deacon grew up in Peterborough, Ontario; a small town next to Bancroft. She came from a big family, consisting of two sisters, a mother and a father. They lived in a big house with many dark spots, which led to Deacon’s fear of the dark. As a child, she also found a love for writing. At this time, journalism really did seem like the perfect job for her.
“Reading is really important,” she states. What she always loved about journalism was that there were no limits in what you could do. You get to do a little bit of everything when you’re a journalist. This drew her to Kingston Publications. Deacon got the job as an editor in September 2009. She’s been editing magazine articles about weddings, interior design, and tourism for a year and a half. She even gets to do a bit of writing in her magazine. Being an editor seemed to create a whole new world for Deacon. A new pet peeve developed – bad grammar. She used the computer a lot more, and got used to using spell check. She finds spell check making her lazy, as she no longer needs to watch what she types because the computer corrects it for her. These days, Deacon still sometimes makes mistakes in talking and her writing because no one is perfect. She loves what she does and currently lives in Kingston, Ontario.
For young journalists who wish to become as successful as Jane Deacon, she offers some helpful advice on how to become a flourishing journalist like herself. “Just write,” she says.

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