Shae-Lynn Joy Beiersdorfer may hate wearing socks or eating meat but, that doesn’t mean that she is not the best teenager in the world! She’s unique, her hobbies are all different, and she is a “shoo-in” for World’s Best Teenager!
Shae-Lynn is unique because she wears two different shoe sizes. Her left foot is a size 5 and her right foot is 7. When she goes to the shoe store, she buys insoles for her left shoe. Also, her favourite colors are baby blue and purple. Isn’t that interesting?
Shae’s hobbies include riding horses, drama, piano, dance, and yoga. That list has such variety! Not only is she a lover of the arts but, she also enjoys the presence of animals.
Shae-Lynn should be a “shoo-in” for World’s Best Teenager. She longs for a flying car which means she looks forward to the future and embraces new technologies. It also shows a sense of fun and imagination!
Never underestimate the power of quirkiness because that is exactly what makes Shae-Lynn Beiersdorfer the World’s Best Teenager, even if she is head of the No Socks Community! 

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