Twelve and Awesome
By Tess Wittmann, Grade 8, St. Elizabeth Catholic School

The Best Teen in the World is an honour only one person receives and to get it you would have to have all of the attributes possessed by the young Mackenna Fowler.
Being awake at nine during the summer and in sandals all day is a perfect day for Mackenna. To top off her favourite things would be to meet Justin Bieber (JB) – the teenage heartthrob many girls adore. The only thing that could ruin her day would be blue people or a fire. This is because she once saw a scary movie where blue people came and ate everybody in their sleep, and she fears fire because she has been burned in the past and is scared she will get burned again. These fears make her even more remarkable!
Mackenna Fowler is an average teen, a 12 year old Canadian from Ottawa. She has one younger sister and two older brothers, and dreams of being a teacher or actress. She also dreams of driving a convertible. For being an average teen she has above average qualities. One of these includes saying that she would rather be a rose or lily over other flowers. Mackenna says, “I love red roses because to me they express being outgoing, and I just love lilies for reasons unknown”. These quirky qualities make her an astounding Best Teen in the World.
This is why the sandal-wearing, JB loving, blue people hater, convertible driving, future actress Mackenna Fowler is a clear choice as the Best Teen in the World!

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