Mackenna Amanda Fowler
Grade 7 at St.Matthew High school.

Life is Like a Soccer Game
She’s fun, she’s nice, she’s very cool, and that’s why she would make the world’s best teenager!
Tess Wittmann has a great style with a cute sporty look, and she would rather wear runners instead of sandals. She is 13, with two older brothers and two older sisters.
Tess’s favourite season is summer because it’s hot, there is no school and her birthday is in summer. Also because she is a competitive soccer player, she loves to run down the field in her position as mid-fielder or forward. After a good game of soccer Tess loves a slice of her favourite food – pizza!
Tess has big plans for the future. When she is older, she either wants to be a grade 7 teacher (which makes sense because both her parents are teachers) or a famous athlete.
Tess has many favourite things. Her favourite colour is blue, her favourite celebrity is the heart throb Justin Bieber! Too bad he’s not in any of her favourite shows like Glee or The Big Bang Theory. Oh, she also longs for a convertible.
In the pass Tess has had some great times and one of her favourite past times is to play video games at her house in Cambridge. But despite the many things she does like, there are some she doesn’t, like creepy, crawly spiders and twisty, turny rollercoasters.
With her life like a soccer game and her striving to score more goals, Tess would make the world’s best teenager!

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