More Than Just A Girl
Most people grow up, go to school, get a job, and work until they retire. But not 24-year-old Jane Deacon, who is one of the youngest people to be the editor of eleven publications at Kingston Publications. She is a successful young lady, who loves her work and has big plans for the future.
Jane grew up in Peterborough Ontario, and later moved to Kingston to go to university for Journalism. “I always knew I wanted to be involved in a magazine,”says Jane, “And in about grade nine or ten, I decided on journalism, definitely.”
She produces magazines about weddings, interior design, what’s new and the usual ‘Kingston Life’. “I’m really involved in everything in the magazine, except really the research,”explains Jane.
Although Jane is a very successful person, she loves her work, and is also still a normal girl. She subscribes to magazines, is afraid of the dark, loves to eat M&Ms and her favourite colour is grey. She explains her liking of the colour. “I don’t know why I like it, I just always did, it’s plain and cool.” Jane’s father is a retired electrician, and her mother is a principal. She has two older sisters, a biologist, (30) and a stay-at-home mom with a week old son, (32)
Jane explains she would like to stay here in Kingston and work for a little while, before deciding her future. Her big dreams are to work for a national publication. As for advice to those looking into journalism, she says, “Write for right now, anytime, anywhere. If you have a passion, follow it.”
Deacon started off as a regular girl, and she still is. She has just followed her dream, and found her joy in life. She is smart, beautiful, talented, and proves that you can be anything you want to be.
-Olivia Graham
Boston Public School
May 27th 2011

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