Caroline Deluce
Not a normal 24 year old
Do you know Jane Deacon? The editor of City Life, Wedding and much more? Well, here’s her story. Deacon was born in Peterborough, Ontario in September of 1987. This is where she and her two sisters grew up. Her mom is a principal and her dad was an electrician. Later she went to Kings Collage in Halifax for four years and got a degree in Journalism. After college she got a job as an assistant for the editor, Tracy Weaver, at Kingston Publications. Not that long after the editor moved away Deacon got the job as editor. Today, the very successful 24-year-old Jane Deacon is editor for eleven publications.

A typical day for Jane Deacon is never the same. First she heads to the office by 8:00 am. She reads emails and blogs. After that she has to check up on the new deadlines of different magazines and works on the upcoming issues. After hours Deacon trains for a triathlon that she has entered.

To this day Jane still loves her job. She calls herself a perfectionist. “What do you get to do in your job” I asked? She replied “ I get to do everything.“ She is open to all ideas. She also says she has 18-25 magazine subscriptions.
Even though she is a magazine editor she is still a regular person. She is afraid of the dark and her biggest pet peeve is bad grammar like it’s and its. Another thing she says is that spell-check has made her lazy with spelling.
Her advice to writers everywhere is “the best thing you can do is write.”

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