So Much Accomplished in So Little Time
Kate Richards, Oneida Central School
Grade 7
At the young age of 24 Jane Deacon is already the editor of eleven local Kingston publications which include Kingston Life. Deacon has always known she was going to be a journalist and work for a magazine, but being an editor of so many magazines is truly amazing. Not everyone can say this, but Jane Deacon truly loves her job.
Deacon has loved journalism for so long because she likes how much you can learn from writing about different subjects and there is such a variety of things to write about. Deacon went to school for journalism. Shortly after graduating Jane worked as a freelance writer and editor. She was then hired as the editor’s assistant of Kingston Life. When the editor, Tracy Weaver, left the position of editor Deacon was able to step up to the plate and became the new editor of Kingston Life and ten other magazines.
Deacon’s job as editor consists of editing and fixing articles that other writers write for the magazines. Deacon also works with photographers to design page layouts and front covers. She even contributes ideas to the planning of the magazine as well as occasionally writing some small stories. Deacon says, “The best part about my job is I get to do a little bit of everything.” Deacon also likes to read the newspaper daily to keep in touch with what is going on around her.
In her spare time Deacon is training for a triathlon because it gives her something to train and work towards. She also enjoys playing sports, being with friends, being around downtown Kingston and reading. Deacon has over 18 subscriptions to different magazines. She says, “I have always loved magazines and have always had subscriptions to numerous different magazines.”
Deacon admits she is a perfectionist and her biggest pet peeve is bad grammar. This is probably why she is so good at being an editor. She also doesn’t use spell-check very often because she feels it makes her lazy. The person Deacon looks up to is the previous editor, Tracy Weaver, because she has talked Deacon so much about being an editor.
Deacon hopes to stay in Kingston as an editor for a little while longer but her dream is to work for a larger national magazine. Jane Deacone has accomplished so much in such little time that she is definitely someone young, budding artists can look up to.

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