Twenty-three and Living the Dream

By: Stan Temming
Stratford Central Secondary School

When people are young, they dream about that one career that they think is perfect for them. Some see themselves becoming doctors, lawyers, police officers or athletes, but how many actually become what they want to be once they enter the workforce? Unfortunately, many people don’t end up living the dreams of their childhood. Luckily though, some are able to keep those early fantasies alive, pursue them and make those dreams a reality. Jane Deacon, the editor of Kingston Publications, is one of those people.

At the young age of 23, Deacon is “right where she wants to be in life”, operating and editing pieces for 11 different publications in circulation in the Kingston area. However, things didn’t always run smoothly for this motivated and talented young woman. While doing an internship for Kingston Publications as the editor’s assistant a year-and-a-half ago, her head editor and mentor decided to quit for personal reasons.

At that moment, Jane began a long and stressful journey from inexperienced intern to successful, satisfied and persistent editor. Since she had been working as an editor for such a short time before her guide and teacher left the publication, Deacon basically had to learn everything about managing and producing quality magazines on her own. And due to her inexperience, the learning curve was steep. As she puts it, “I spent many days and nights crying in my office with the door closed”.

Luckily for Jane though, all of the anxiety that comes with her situation was worth it. Six months after taking on all of the responsibilities of the editor position, she received the title of Editor of Kingston Publications. At that moment, her childhood dream came true. Today she is living her dream, and it would appear that the future can only get better!

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