The Crows Swoop

by Pooja Maniar, Grade 7, Bowmore Public School 

A seemingly serene path between MacCorry, and Ellis Hall has been home to a series of unusual crow attacks, which have taken place over the last week

The path, lined with tall, towering trees, and a grass siding, has been seen having numerous crows nests, in the depths of the green leaves. It was confirmed that the crows have attacked people to ensure the safety of their children.

“I hope people are safe,” said Whitney Babcock, a Queen’s career counsellor. “We just have to be open to what happens in nature…and we have to be aware of their needs as well.” Another citizen, Peter Skensden had been walking along the path, and had been surprised to see many crows swarming the street, flying by quite fast.

Most passersby said they had heard of the attacks, via radio broadcasts, and the newspaper. All but one pedestrian had not witnessed the attack, the exception being Phil, a construction worker on the site. He told of an attack on a civilian, and saw a crow swoop by a man head. The man had then gotten his ear clipped by the claw.

The citizens of Queens had received a letter from Dan Langham, at the Department of Health and Safety, warning the people of the attacks. He stated in the letter that he thought the crows attack would end in a month’s time, as the baby birds would leave their nests by then. He also said that the citizens should try and stay clear of the street as best possible and that signs were put up warning people of the attacks.

The pathway can also be seen with construction sites along the base of the trees. The machines, which lift up the workers, shook a tree with a nest inside it. While the construction workers did mean no harm, they did shake the crow’s homes, which would cause disruption amongst the crows and humans. There was also a car parked at the base of a tree.

The attacks are quite unusual, so are taken seriously. Some citizens believe that the crows should leave their home, while others hope that they can find another shelter which will not be interfered with. In conclusion, the majority of pedestrians hope the crow attacks will cease in a month’s time, but no one knows how far the crows will go until then.






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