Where To Go From the Top?

Jane Deacon: Where to go from the top?
By: Emma LeFur
HDSB – Oakville Trafalgar High School

From the day she was born to the day she left home to attend Kings College in Halifax, Jane Deacon has been an avid reader, a passionate writer, and a success driven leader. As a teenager in high school, Jane was always reading, always writing, and always coming up with creative story ideas. Even though there was a clear path for Jane to do what she loved most, Jane wanted more. Journalism gave Jane that option. In journalism, you could talk to any person, write about any topic and put the perfect spin on any story.
She studied Journalism in Halifax and after graduation she worked for a teen poetry magazine before landing the job of assistant editor at Kingston Publications. Jane was barely a few weeks into her job, when the editor of the magazine left the company for personal reasons. Nearly 6 months after Jane had been running the magazine single-handedly and spending some days crying from all the stress, Jane was officially offered the position of editor. Now, at 23 years of age, Jane Deacon is currently the editor of Kingston Publications, and manages 11 publications with help from her small staff of five.
Being at the top however does not come very easily. Jane has many responsibilities, duties and deadlines to meet. One magazine is a lot to handle by yourself or with 5 others, but 11 magazines and 6 people in total, could be a recipe for catastrophe. Yet, somehow, Jane can always manage to get the publications out, different ones every two weeks, looking fabulous. However, like any person who puts their creation out in the world, she always finds something she would want to change in the finished piece. Jane said that approximately 50% of the time, there is a last minute rush on the issue and stories do often fall through.
The job of editor clearly comes with a heavy load of stress because as well as working seven days a week, late into the night, she has not had a vacation in over two years. The question is, why does she still carry the stress? Jane got into journalism because of her love of writing and reading. “It gives you the opportunity to talk to so many people,” said Jane. Not sure after high school what she wanted to do, Jane believed journalism would give her the pathway into any area she fancied.

Focusing on being at the top, at the job she had dreamed of at the young age of 23, Jane clearly caught the lucky break so many people her age are still fighting for. So, what’s next? Jane loves her job at Kingston Publications and really enjoys working in the environment of a small office in a small community. However, Jane has a dream to move forward and work for a bigger title, in a bigger town. She also hopes to have time in her life to start writing again, as she was always very passionate about expressing herself through stories. Though, “that won’t be any time in the near future” says Jane. Still, there are bigger and better opportunities out in the world for Jane Deacon, and the only thing left is for this motivated 23-year-old to take the leap.

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