Tourist in Your Own Town

Be A Tourist in your Town
The Museum of Health Care
BY: JORDYN WALTON Robert Bateman High School

The kids will never be afraid of their dentist ever again. Families will love the infamous treasure that is the Museum of Health Care, which hosts a rather frightening exhibit of past dentistry. The many exhibits will give an educational, exciting and eye-opening experience that has something of interest for every member of the family.
Aside from the dentistry history and tools, the kids will love the museum for the eewww! bones and other scary contraptions. Also a children’s gallery, which is on the first floor, is guaranteed to be holding special, fun activities during a family visit. On another note, the museum even has something for the older kids especially if anyone is complaining about their excessive acne. Near the front door is a 19th century treatment for acne. It will spark their interest and perhaps give them an appreciation for the simplicity of today’s medications instead of yesterday’s radiation treatments.
As any infamous treasure would be, it isn’t only great for the kids. When roaming the old halls of the museum, the parents may reignite their interest in our past with exhibits like the lifestyle of the nurse or doctors in the past century. Parents won’t be able to wait for the facts about child birth in past history. The museum will spark a keen interest for all medical treatments in the past in both young and old.
Overall, the Museum of Health Care will give everyone a newfound appreciation of modern technology in today’s health care system.

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