Jane Deacon – Editor

By Alex Dandridge
Robert Bateman High School, HDSB

One of the perks of being a kid is exploring imagination and big dreams, usually this fades with age. Not for Jane Deacon. As a young child, Jane loved to read and write, and as she got older and reached her teens, she didn’t lose her love of language. Eagerly participating in her high school newspaper and yearbook, Jane gained some of the much needed experience she would need for her surprisingly jump-started future.
Jane first started to pursue her dream of working in journalism when she began high school, working on her school yearbook. However, her motivation to pursue her dream came from someone not in the business, “I know it’s really cliche to say, but my mom is my mentor”, she says. The reason this is, she says, is that her mother is everything she wishes to be – organized, powerful and accomplished. Also, although her mom is a teacher who now works at the school board, she has always supported Jane’s dreams of breaking into the field of media journalism.
Once graduated from high school, Jane still held onto her dream and began attending Kings College in Halifax, where she took journalism and continued to excel. In her fourth year of university, she began interning at Kingston Life. There, she enjoyed assisting the editor and adapted to working at a small, yet established magazine. When the internship was over, Jane was sad to leave, but little did she know, she would be back.
She was hired, fresh out of university to be assistant to the editor at Kingston Life. At such a young age, Jane didn’t have as much experience as everyone else, but she caught on quickly. It seems others noticed too, as she was hired not too long after, to be the editor of Kingston Life when the previous editor had to leave quickly. At such a young, inexperienced age, it is surprising that Jane was able to rise to the challenge. She quickly adapted to working seven day work weeks and having very little, if any, time for herself.
As editor, Jane now oversees everything that goes into 11 different publications. She chooses stories, edits layouts, and through it all has never lost her love of language, reading and writing every chance she gets.

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