Age Does Not Hinder Success

Jane Deacon- Age Does Not Hinder Success
Vicky Mendonҫa
Iroquois Ride High School
Halton District School Board

Young and down-to-earth, Jane Deacon is already the editor of Kingston Publications. Only three years out of university, Jane is already at the job of her dreams. Beginning with an internship in her fourth year of university, she moved up to become assistant editor and only six months later, editor. Jane’s fast track to the top was not easy, she claims. Acting as a freelance writer for one and a half years does not always pay well. She waitressed to pay her bills until she used her connections to land a job at Kingston Publications.
Today, Jane publishes one magazine six times a year and ten others annually or bi-annually. When asked what she enjoys about her job she says that she loves the creativity and the process of putting her magazines together. Jane shares that her greatest challenge is completing her many deadlines as best she can. Jane says that her help in succeeding is her mentor – her mother. Her Mom works with children with special needs, and according to Jane, is organized, powerful and calm under pressure.
While succeeding at her high stress job, Jane has hobbies such as reading Canadian literature and training for a triathlon. Though proud of herself, Jane states that had she pursued another career, she would have been on the artistic side of magazine editing. She enjoys the photo editing and graphic design aspects.
Jane Deacon has already accomplished her dream job at 23 years of age. She is always willing to learn and is ready to continue to use her skills to the best of her abilities and jump to opportunities that may arise.

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