Muffin Review

by Jessica Larmand, Grade 7, Rideau Centennial School

I have recently stopped by the Pink Fluffy Unicorn bakery; they had some samples of muffins called the Pink Fluffy rainbow muffins. These muffins look exquisite. Their texture is a bit bumpy, but people can overcome that. They’re baked to perfection; however, they are raisin muffins, raisins aren’t really my first choice as to ingredients that I would put into a muffin. There are lots of raisins; this is something that I don’t really enjoy that much about the Pink Fluffy Rainbow muffins. They do smell delightful and they do look appetizing but they just don’t really fill my stomach with good feelings.

The muffins do have a good outer display; there are some things that could make these muffins just a little bit better. Those things would be more moisture and less raisins.

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