Life of a Travel Writer

by Kyra M. grade 7, M.J Hobbs Public School 

$7000.00 per night to sleep in a hut: the word “Normal” isn’t in Josephine Matyas’s vocabulary.

Jo Matyas is a travel writer who has traveled the world, and writing what she finds. Matyas started in this line of work 10 years ago after no longer being satisfied with her current job in Environmental Studies. Matyas wrote an article for Wicks magazine about travel. “It felt like I was addicted to travel.” says Matyas. Whenever she could Matyas and her family would pack up and go on vacation. Wicks magazine asked her to do a by-weekly travel column for them. This is how her new career kicked off.

Matyas started doing travel writing for multiple magazines and newspapers, depending on what she had written. “It doesn’t pay well.” Matyas says, but it’s what she loves to do. Matyas has grown so attached to her job that she keeps her notes with her at all times. Matyas says that “if there was a fire I would grab my photo album and notes.”

Matyas has won 13 different awards in Canada for her fantastic writing. Matyas has been to many places and met many people. Matyas says “the strangest people I ever met were in Central America. We went to visit a native village who lives in huts, they made us lunch of fish on banana leaves.”

Matyas gave all the young writers the advice that her father gave her. He said “You can never get the fruit if you don’t go out on a limb.”

So Matyas has been around the world, from the depth of the rain forest to Japan, but she said, after all that, sometimes you just want to stay home.

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