Lauren Tremblay: Best Teenager Ever

by Dana Hedley, Grade 7, St. Micheal’s Catholic School

Lauren Tremblay will be the best teenager ever because she has amazing qualities.  She is friendly, nice and smart.

Lauren has many friends because she has an outgoing personality which allows her to participate in many activities, allowing her to meet new people. Her friends range from different ages, old to young.  Everyone enjoys Lauren’s charming, friendly personality.

Another quality amazing of Lauren is that she is kind. She respects her friends, family and strangers by treating the kindly and doing those people favours. She believes that one person can change the world with their attitude. Because she is so kind to people, they share their positive mood with others and that causes a chain reaction.

Finally, Lauren is very smart. She has an 85%-90% average and is really strong in french, math and writing. She achieves her amazing marks by trying her hardest and asking questions when she doesn’t get an equation.  Lauren also makes the correct choices most of the time because she thinks through all of the possible outcomes of her actions. It is an advantage to be smart because it makes you more successful for the future.

Laurens personality will make her there best teenager ever!

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