Josephine Matyas: The perfect Job At Last!

by Geny Symons, grade 8, Ecole secondaire catholique Marie-Rivier  

After many years of searching for the perfect job, Josephine Matyas finally found what she was looking for; being a travel writer. Working for herself, travelling, writing, meeting new people, and getting people to enjoy and live through her experiences are all things that Matyas loves about her job. She has won over ten writing awards so far, and could very well receive more.

She grew up right outside of Toronto, but didn’t get any inspiration out of her surroundings because she didn’t like the city very much. When she was fifteen, however, she moved to Switzerland for the remainder of high school. She got inspiration from there, since she found it to be an inspiring place.

Another inspiration for her was Gary Craillé, a travel photographer who worked with Matyas. He taught her to be a better writer by teaching her to slow down and look around for details. “He is only one of the many people that have inspired me. In fact, even some people I meet on the streets inspire me,” said Matyas.

Matyas doesn’t only write about her travels, she sometimes writes about the environment of the places she travels to, profiles, restaurant reviews, the history of places or buildings…so it’s never the same types of articles. People never get bored of her work.

Even with all the up-sides of her work – like the fact that she gets to choose some of the locations that she will travel to, and that she’s always busy – there are some down-sides to this job; it doesn’t pay very much, and it’s very boring at the airports. Even with these inconveniences, Matyas loves her job and has never been happier.

In the future, Matyas plans to do more magazine work, and to keep writing amazing articles like she is doing today!

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