Jo Matyas, Travel Writer

By Danielle Di Pietrantonio, Grade 7,  St. Peters school

Your dream vacation probably seems a long way off. Between work and a busy schedule, many people dream about faraway places for awhile before an opportunity to go comes along. Jo Matyas is not one of those people.

Matyas is a travel writer. She makes her living primarily by writing articles about the places she’s been. Companies and resorts pay for her to come visit them, and then Matyas writes about her experience and sends it in to a magazine.

She made the switch from her old job in government after about ten years. She wasn’t happy with her work, and so one day she took a risk. “ I was practically addicted to travelling” she says,describing her life before changing jobs. Matyas wrote an article about her “addiction” and sent it in to a newspaper. Not only did the paper publish the article, it asked her for more!   She’s been writing ever since.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. “You have to take notes everywhere , and the income isn’t steady”. For Matyas, a vacation is just some time she gets to spend at home. “But it’s all worth it, because I’m doing what I love” she says. Matyas is definitely very busy; she’s been to five places in the last month alone.

She isn’t slowing down, either. Matyas has been writing for ten years, and hopes to get at least another ten in  before retiring. Hopefully she can get a good long vacation when she does!

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