Jo Matyas–Gives inspiration a Whole New Level

by Tashaa Chapman, grade 8, Sweet’s Corners Public School

The world is a big place, and not many people get the chance to travel it. But that’s not the case for Jo Matyas. Her living consists of travelling to different countries, then writing articles for magazines and newspapers about those amazing, different trips across the world. Life hasn’t always been like this though…

Matyas has always enjoyed travelling, ever since her parents hauled her off to Europe to show her where they grew up. Not wanting her to miss out on the culture. Matyas has been to everywhere, there’s little that she hasn’t seen. She grew up in Toronto till she was fifteen, then off she went to Switzerland for her high school years, coming back to Canada to finish University. She became a dessert chef, and also worked for the government for a number of years, turning out that was not a job that she quite enjoyed. Interesting turn of events, don’t you think? Baker one day, travel writer/journalist the next.

Life’s pretty good…and busy for Matyas. Writing articles 300-3000 words each about her experiences, can be pretty tiring but she says she hopes to be a world traveller for at least 10-15 more years! Even if the pay isn’t so good, Matyas states she “cares more about the travelling than the money.” Inspiring, isn’t it?

Matyas does a fair bit of travelling, at least 20-25 times a year. Matyas enjoys the travel, but she sometimes gets the feeling that she wants to stay home, because when you’re a travel writer as a carrier, you become immune to taking notes. You’re always thinking “this will be a great topic for an article.” So the only time you will actually be able have a “vacation” is when you’re snug at home.  But this wouldn’t have been Matyas’s lifestyle if she didn’t take a chance, she decided the first article she put out that she would fail if she didn’t at least try- she wouldn’t be where she is today. Successful with lots of insight of the world, a person who can relate with the countries after visiting.

Jo Matyas is one of a kind; she puts a certain “sizzle” to world travel, and leaves a brilliant light in every country she visits. These opportunities have only been opened to Matyas after taking a chance, letting her meet a lot of brilliant people, and inspiring thousands.

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