Jo Matyas: A Profile

by McKenna Pipher, grade 7, Chimo Elementary School

Is there such thing as normal? Not for Jo Matyas there isn’t. Sumo wrestlers and 25 countries a year? Of course!

Matyas spent her first working years with the government, but traveled as often as she could. She soon developed a passion for nature and traveling. Who likes being cooped up in an office when the whole world welcomes you? She would then find herself writing whenever she could. She writes about travel, eco-friendly products and has even interviewed Rick Mercer. Even dinner is exciting when you dine in huts with a 40 person tribe who don’t speak english.

She began her writing career at age 40 and has been in business for 10 years. She hopes to continue for another decade. “Writing is a wonderful job.” She said in our in depth interview.

Matyas has had many mentors in her life, one including Gary Crallé; a photographer who taught her to be observant. Matyas grew up on the outside of Toronto and attended high school in Switzerland. She finally started a family in Kingston and loves her town.

Jo Matyas is, without a doubt, the most interesting person I have ever met.

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