Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

by Alyssa J. Houle, Grade 7, St. Mary Catholic School

Many people may believe that horseback riding is just some girly sport that not many people do. But truth is that a lot of people (male and female) horseback ride, all over the world especially in Europe.  Horseback riding actually an Olympic sport and has been for over 110 years.  Horseback riding tests your ability to connect with the animal and also to be   leader. That’s why horseback riding is a therapeutic sport. Horseback riding also makes you stronger.  By using  your  leg  and  arm  muscles  you  are  becoming  fit and healthy  .

Most people think that horseback riding is super easy. I mean all you do is sit on the horse right. WRONG, horseback riding takes so much arm and leg strength your muscles ache after each lesson.  Just like every other sport you sweat a lot.

Horseback  riding is my  favourite  sport , and I know  from  personal  experience  that  a lot of people  think  that if you ride you are girly , but they  wrong!  If it is a girly sport why are there so many risks?  Fact is more than 10 equestrians die per year from horseback riding.  When people think that horseback riding is girly clearly they have not tried the sport!

Some of my friends believe that horseback riding isn’t a true sport. Most of my friends call me a girly girl because I ride. They all say “horseback riding is easy” and “go ride your little pony”. When they say this it bugs me and I get mad at them. They all seem to think that since it is not a sport everybody plays it’s not a sport.

Have you ever heard the quote “don’t judge a book by its cover” this quote is true to anything but in this case if you really feel strongly that horseback riding is  not a sport saddle up and be prepared to have your opinion changed.

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