Crows Attacking Queen’s Students

by Sara Eslampour, grade 7, Module Vanier Elementary School

On a peaceful path between Mac-Corry and Ellis Hall, aggressive, large crows are attacking Queen’s students. The trees at Queen’s are very tall, strong and full of foliage: perfect for crows. In fact, maybe the crows are getting a little too comfortable. Since it’s nesting season, they are becoming very protective and defensive of their young. So defensive, in fact, that they are attacking passersby, just to protect them. And nobody can confirm it, but it is hoped that they will stop at the end of the month when the young leave their nests.

In the unlikely event you get attacked, have someone check if you’re fine, then tell the health and safety office that keep track of this. Candy Randall, the Queen’s Examination coordinator for distance studies, has even changed the route that she walks just to avoid the crows.

Dan  Langham, the director of the Department of Environmental health and safety has said that, ‘We just want people to be aware’. Students have reported that they are now ‘wary’ of the birds.

Judy (the last name was not released), was one of the victims, says Randall. Judy had been attacked by a crow in the back of the head. She was more shocked than hurt. Crows are big birds and can injure people, but luckily Judy wasn’t hurt, she had even had her tetanus shot before this.

Because of some regulations, Queen’s is not able to move the nests at this moment.

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety, has received 3 other phone calls before, and have been hearing reports since 2 weeks ago, is currently waiting for advice from animal control to put up signs. Langham has said that there are a few nests lining the pathway. He has also said that they have no particular plan to control the birds, should the situation continue, and that this has never happened before. A bird specialist has said that they are not going to do much harm.

Advice? Watch out, take precautions, and avoid MacCorry and Ellis hall if possible. Remember to keep a watchful eye on the sky, because you just might be the next victim of the CROWS.

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