by Brendan Mewburn, grade 8, Loughborough Public School     

When Brendan saw Aisha Kandisha in Morocco, it was just the same as any day. Brendan is one of those guys that goes out and looks for the truth, but that’s isn’t the only thing he likes, he also likes writing, video games, guitar, swimming , cooking and climbing. He is unique in so many ways like he likes to seek the truth about mysteries like Aisha Kandisha, Naga, Nom Madel and many others. Don’t worry Brendan didn’t get hurt, but he did get a couple cuts and bruises —  but nothing too serious.

What I Found In My Pocket (also by Brendan Mewburn):    

I found the strangest thing in my pocket. I don’t know what it is but it was awesome. I named it bob marley because it had dreadlocks and brown hair. Bob Marley is the best singer in the world and he looks like padro. So I sold it for a rolex watch. Then I sold the watch for a house. Then I sold the house for a mansion. Then I sold the mansion for Italy. Then I sold Italy for Canada. Then I made a mansion in Canada, and know I am a millionare, and It all started with something in my pocket ( that looked like bob Marley).

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