Attack on Ellis Lane

by Kyra McAlister, grade 7, M J Hobbs Senior Public School

Multiple pine trees line the path of attack. A cozy little bench sits nestled in the shade. They path between MacCorry and Ellis Hall is now being walked cautiously.

Candy Randall, examination coordinator and witness and first responder to the crow attack on Friday say. “A couple of women have been attacked by a crow(s).” Randall states that the crows are attacking because they are nesting. “The Department of Environmental Health and Safety’s solution was to remove the nest, but because of the birds and their cycle, they thought that moving the nest was a bad idea. So they will just put up signs for now.”

Judy, one of the victims was walking along the route she usually took home when a crow attacked her from behind. Randall and her husband helped scare the bird away and Judy escaped with only a few scratches. Randall says Judy was grateful that she had just had her tetnus shot a few days earlier.

“The Department of Environmental Health and Safety will post signs so people are aware, they don’t want to scare people, just make them aware.” Says Randall

So in this nice little path between MacCorry and Elis hall there have been no more bird attacks since Judy. But many now feel wary about walking here and this once peaceful place isn’t so cozy anymore.

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