Aggressive Birds

by Willem, Grade 7, Newburgh Public School

Angry Birds is one of the most popular iPhone applications on the market. Little do iPhone users know, there is an incident like this going on today. Students of Queen’s university regularly use the path between MacCorry and Ellis Hall to get from the university to their residence or vehicles, that is, of course, until the crows started attacking.

Crows have nested in the trees lining the path on either side, and are attacking students that walk below. Just recently, an attack was reported of a young woman who was walking along the path, when a crow swooped down, and attacked the back of her head.

“The crows seem to be attacking from behind,” says Candy Randell, a woman who works at Queen’s as an examinations coordinator, and witnessed an attack. Experts believe that the crows are attacking to defend their nests and young.  The crows are likely going to continue attacking for another month, or until their young leave the nest.

No one has been seriously injured so far, but there may be more attacks in the future. Signs are going to be put up to warn people of the danger, but until then, I would advise that you stay clear of the path.

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