Jo Matyas: A Profile

by Virginia Yates, grade 8, St. Lawrence Academy

Jo Matyas is a travel-writer who takes her notebooks with her wherever she goes, and she writes about everything that’s going on and what she sees and experiences. She’s won thirteen different awards for writing in Canada and still gets nervous about what people might think about her stories.

She started writing about ten years ago. She writes about ten articles a month.  She travels around two dozen places a year, sometimes she can’t remember what country she’s waking up in.  Jo wants to do more magazine writing in the future, and wants to write in more bigger magazines. Sometimes she just wants to relax at home when she knows she needs to keep writing and travelling.

Jo never goes on vacations anymore because she travels so much for her career anyways.  One time she stayed at a hotel called Viceroy Anguilla at $7,000 a night! Her dad was an architect and her mother was a stay-at-home-mum who spoke seven languages, so that’s where Jo probably gets her intelligence.

When she was younger she wanted to be a marine biologist.  Jo says, “Everyone is different and has something they would like to choose to write about.”

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