Most Awesome Field Trip Ever!!!!!!!!!!

by Rachel Bishop, grade 7, St. Paul Catholic School

From being on air to playing with the green screen, the CKWS station is awesome! When the journalism group at the enrichment studies unit at Queens took a field trip to the CKWS T.V. and radio station, it was the most fun that any of us could ever have!

The SEEDS group in the CKWS studio

Our tour started out with T.V. We saw the news studio where the news was filmed live from the studio. Each one of us got to sit in the newscaster seat and use the tell-propter to read the script displayed in front of the camera. In fact the camera was hidden behind the script screen so you couldn’t see it at all! That must help with stage fright.

The green screen was also up so we got to play with the weather. The director who had a sense of humour even put pictures of Justin Bieber on the green screen. It was hilarious to watch the two girls from the journalism group to point to the green screen and on T.V. look like they were sticking their finger up Bieber’s nose. The directors sure got a kick out of that!

Playing with the green screen

Then we visited the people who make the things happen behind the scenes. They were laughing their heads off while watching the stuff people did on the green screen. Once the directors stopped laughing, they showed us what was happening in downtown Kingston using the camera on top of a building, along with all the special effects they do on the on the news. It was extremely cool.

The next stop on our tour was upstairs on the radio station. The CKWS station had two awesome radio stations, CKWSFM and FM96. The first station we visited was CKWSFM. On that station we went on air and shouted out a song by the Rolling Stones. We also went on air on FM96 but that one was kind of bad. However FM96 is still the most awesome radio station ever.

Visiting the FM 96 studios

All of us in the journalism group at the enrichment studies unit at Queen’s send a big Thank You to CKWS for making our experience at Queen’s more exciting. You people are awesome!

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