A Short Temper

by Kristen Hayward, grade 8, Toniata Public School

Many things in life can be annoying; whether it’s your younger brother or the new character on your favourite TV show. Everyone gets irritated from time to time including “short-tempered” Daryka. “Yes, I am quite short-tempered,” she explains. “The smallest things often annoy me.” Daryka believes that it’s in her genes. Talking about her family she mentions that she got it from her mother, who passed down from her father. She may be short-tempered but while talking about her little annoyances Daryka seemed to be very calm, collected, and comfortable.

While being annoyed Daryka’s first instinct is to get mad. A recent experience while on the way here, at the Queens program SEEDS proved this. “Funny story, on the way here this kid sat behind me on the bus and he wouldn’t stop talking. So, finally I turned around and was like, GO AWAY! Then he hid under his coat and I’m like: sorry” she opens up about. Continuing to stay on the topic of “The Annoying Kid” Daryka decided that what got on her nerves about this kid was his voice and the way that he wouldn’t just talk  to the guy beside him but, to himself and her and just wouldn’t stop. So, not surprisingly she thinks that the most annoying trait a person could have is the ability to not stop talking. Digging deeper I found out that Daryka does know at least one person with this ability, the kid who sat behind her on the bus.

Daryka watches TV like any other thirteen year old. Commercials can be pesky, always popping up at the best part of the show. There are commercials that are informative, commercials that are funny, and of course those commercials that make you want to beat the TV every time they come on. To Daryka that commercial is the slap chop commercial, or more like the guy on the slap chop commercial. Being the first annoying thing to come into Daryka’s mind when asked, this cheesy guy with his cheesy smile would get on anyone’s nerves.

“Now let’s fist pump!” This saying comes from the well-known show Jersey Shore. Daryka shares we me that she dislikes this reality show saying that the people on it are always screaming.  While the people on Jersey Shore are known to be partiers, Daryka says “Generally, I always hate the know-it-all.”

A know-it-all always seems to have the answer, always correcting you. Yes, that is annoying.

People can be very irritating sometimes, but it is more like the things they say that can get annoying. “Whenever someone says that I feel like slapping them, like, seriously” says Daryka on the Your Mom joke. You either like yelling out Your Mom randomly or you don’t.  “That’s what she said”, you tend to hear that a lot coming from boys these days. Seeing as this joke traveled quickly Daryka has heard a fair amount and it can now be classified as a joke that gets on her nerves.

Not considering herself to be creative this secret-ginger surprisingly enjoys writing fiction. Though Daryka does like writing fiction she prefers to read it. Her favourite book is the popular Suzanne Collins’s book “The Hunger Games”. Even if you like a book it doesn’t necessarily mean that you like all the characters in it though. “Oh my god, Gale” says Daryka when asked if any of the characters annoy her.

Many of the things that annoy Daryka are people or things, but there is one thing about her that she wishes she could change. One thing that even lemon juice couldn’t fix. “I’ll be sitting there thinking and then be like, oh, I’m biting my nails” she admits.

Just for fun Daryka told us what be the biggest trait in her ideal enemy: a person that just doesn’t care and doesn’t do their work. So, you just might want to do your work from now on because when asked what she would do to her ideal enemy she says “I’d beat them up.”

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