The Life of a Girl in Grade Seven

Rachel lives an interesting life. Both in her home and at school.

by Jessica Devries, grade 8, Trenton Christian School

Rachel would like to be a teacher when she grows up, and there are some good reasons why. Teachers get to share their knowledge with others, she likes working with kids, and they are paid well.  She has many qualities that would make her very good at that job. She loves to read, write and draw, and she has a particular interest in fantasy subjects, which speaks to her great imagination and creativity. Even though fantasy is her interest, she is open to other ideas, like other books that people suggests she should read. Additionally, she has the skills to notice what she doesn’t like, going on around her.

Rachel - Photography by Jessica Devries

For example, Rachel goes to St. Paul’s Catholic school in Kingston. St. Paul’s is a small school that the school board is going to close. All the kids in her school are going to be moved to a bigger school where there are more kids and the teachers have less time with each student, and there are so many people you can’t know everyone as well as you can in a smaller school. “It is a good school and it shouldn’t close,” she says.

There are many reasons why she believes that her school should not close: firstly, because it is a small, catholic school and there are not very many small catholic schools. It is also the only catholic school in the neighbourhood, and if there are parents who want to send their child(ren) to a catholic school, they will not move into that neighbourhood, so it will be better for the board to leave the school there. Another reason the school is closing is because there are not enough people living in their zone — but to solve that problem, Rachel says they should change the zoning. Lastly, she likes going to that school because it is small, the school has no bad records, and everyone there is well behaved.

She also notices how there are people in her class who judge others by the clothes they wear. They do not care much about marks in school or enjoying things like reading and drawing, but they think that shopping and having the nicest clothes are more important. She also says, “I see people with many gifts and they just don’t try.” Rachel thinks that is sad when there are people who are very smart but don’t work hard enough to get the marks that they could be getting.

Rachel also has many things she wants to do. For example, Rachel wishes that she could move out of her apartment with her family, and into a house of their own. She doesn’t like her apartment because it is small, crowded, the people downstairs are noisy and not thoughtful, there is a very small yard that they share with the people downstairs. On top of it, the landlord will not pay for anything extra to make it a better apartment to live in and is not considerate. Even though she feels she could be happier somewhere else, she is still content with her apartment and does not hate it.

Another thing that she is interested in doing is taking a trip to Australia. She is interested in Australia since she would like to see the animals that live there (like kangaroos) and she likes that they still speak English there.

Being a teacher, it could help that she likes to play soccer (not competitively, but for fun). She doesn’t like to see people yelling at each other to win or getting angry when their team doesn’t win. According to Rachel, it is not important to win but to have fun.

She also does her very best to achieve good marks in school. Rachel pushes herself hard to get the best mark she can, even when that means doing homework when she does not want to and paying attention in class even when it is not her favourite subject. A teacher is a very important job and she could be a great one, someday.


About Meredith Dault

I'm a graduate student at Queen's University. I'm in my first year of a two-year MA program in Cultural Studies. I'm back in school after being away from it for awhile. This is a blog about the experience.
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