The Amazing Life of Jessica

by Rachel Bishop, grade 7, St. Paul Catholic School

She’s smart yet quiet. She’s a fantastic, amazing writer. She reads faster than any one at her school, and yet she reads more slowly than anyone in her family. She likes to doodle on her papers. She’s Jessica! The amazing student I met in a program through the Queen’s enrichment studies unit.  Jessica is a grade eight student that is so smart, she has had the opportunity to go to Queen’s university and take part in the enrichment studies program. Jessica attends Trenton Christian school, a small catholic christian school, where parents have to pay so that their kids can go there.

Trenton Christian is a small school yet that used to have 250 kids enrolled, but over the years the number droped to around 200. “Small schools are better because everyone knows everyone’s name, and you know more about each other,” Jessica says, proud of her school. Her school is a well-behaved school that deals with trouble the moment it happens. There was even a time when Jessica, because of her smarts, had the chance to go to a bigger school that challenged its students more, but declined the offer because she had a lot of friends that she didn’t want to leave behind.  Jessica wasn’t scared of going to a bigger school and it might have been a great experience — yet she liked how the teachers could spend more time with the induvidual kids instead of having to jump around like the teachers in much larger schools do. Jessica says her school is one of the best schools in the world because it has a gigantic yard with nice, wonderful playgrounds and big sooccer fields. Her school also has great class trips and nice teachers that can and will do whatever they can for their students.

Jessica believes that people should always try their best and should care about their marks in school. “There are people who care about their marks and there are people who only care because their parents will get them in trouble and take away their privileges, and there are people who don’t care at all,” she says sadly, remarking that some people don’t care or only care to save their privileges.

Jessica lives with her mom and grandparents in her grandparents’ house. She likes where she lives because of the beautiful yard she says she is very lucky to have. The yard is her favorite because of the tall shady trees, the soft grass and the glorious gardens with a crystal clear pond in front.


About Meredith Dault

I'm a graduate student at Queen's University. I'm in my first year of a two-year MA program in Cultural Studies. I'm back in school after being away from it for awhile. This is a blog about the experience.
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