Something to Remember

by Rachael Atkinson, grade 7, Prince of Wales Public School

Kelli’s first memory is something that not all people are lucky enough to experience. She remembers the day that her twin brothers were brought home for the first time from the hospital. Kelli would now be an older sister, after being an only child for two years. She would now have two more important people entering her life.

Kelli - photograph by Rachael Atkinson

Fraternal twins Bryan and Brad were born 11 years ago on October 26th in Brockville, Ontario.  They are the lucky brothers of blonde haired, brown-eyed Kelli, who was only two-years-old when they were born.

Kelli remembers that although she was happy to have younger brothers, she like most children with new siblings, she felt left-out and jealous. She didn’t like all the attention her brothers were receiving from their parents. “I was happy, but everything changed because I used to get all the attention” says Kelli thinking back to when her brothers first came home.

She remembers seeing her brothers when they were newborns. “They looked like little apples. They were all pink, and they were wrapped in their white blankets. My mom wouldn’t let go of them” recalls Kelli with a smile.

Now that Kelli is 13 and the twins are 11, she is often annoyed by them, but she is glad that they are boys. “I’d rather have little brothers than an older sister or a younger sister” she says. She is also happy that they are older because now she can talk to them, but she does miss how they all used to play sports like soccer and baseball together. Now she feels that the boys just play video games.

Even though Kelli and her twin brothers will grow older and may grow apart, the day that they were first brought home is one of the many memories of her brothers that Kelli will cherish for the rest of her life.

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